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This Pink Playdate Makeup Brush Set is the perfect accessory for any makeup enthusiast! With 11 pieces, this set includes all the essentials you need for a full face of glam. The synthetic, vegan bristles are soft and cruelty free, while the gold ferrule and plastic marble handle ensure a comfortable grip. Plus, all of the brushes come in a cute pink makeup pouch, making it perfect for on-the-go glam.

Pink Playdate Makeup Brush Set

  • To clean a makeup brush, first rinse it with lukewarm water until the loose makeup is gone.

    • Mix a gentle cleanser (like a baby shampoo) with water in a shallow bowl and swirl the brush in a circle.  shield the ferrule from direct contact with the water and soap as much as possible to protect the integrity of the glue.

    • Rinse the brush.

    • Repeat this process until you get a satisfying clean.

    • Reshape the bristles and let air dry

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